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hallspot_0143The Willamette Angel Conference is the largest angel group in the state of Oregon and comprised of investors mostly from the mid-Willamette Valley. Companies in Portland, Bend, Medford, throughout Oregon, and the greater Northwest are welcome to apply, recognizing the potential bias based on the investor group.

Applying to the Willamette Angel Conference has benefits that go beyond the opportunity to receive an investment prize.  Many entrepreneurs value the learning experience, the opportunity to better understand their own business model, and the opportunity to see how funding works.

Valuable Coaching

Early applicants have several opportunities to pitch, improve, and perfect their business plan through practice, training, and advisory sessions. Finalists receive valuable coaching from the selection committee on preparing the business pitch. Companies who are not chosen as finalists have an opportunity to compete in a concept stage round for cash award.

Feedback from Angel and Venture Capital Investors

Presenters at the conference will be critiqued and get feedback from a panel of experts qualified to coach founders of growth-oriented companies.

Speaker Insight

All applicants have access to a business pitch clinic.  Refining a business pitch is not only for obtaining investment capital but also learning how to talk about your business in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Quick pitches get noticed.

Networking Opportunities

Companies not chosen to present will have the opportunity to network with an audience of angel investors, experienced institutional investors, and participate in the Concept Stage round for a cash award.